COVID 19 Info

During the Corona Virus Pandemic our accommodation was completely closed and sealed off following government guidelines. Due to the potential risk to our staff and indeed our future guests this decision was not hard.
Now in this new chapter for travel and tourism the following procedures and safety measures have been implemented into the daily running of our operations:
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  1. Signage throughout premises to ensure social distancing.
  2. Sanitisation/Hand-wash station at entry points.
  3. Controlled number of guests to create a safer environment and allow social distancing measures to be in line with the daily operations.
  4. A deep sanitation of all bedrooms with ever surface cleaned with strong disinfectant.
  5. All staff now wear personal protective equipment.
  6. Risk Assessment carried out for our premises to ensure safe and compliant operations.
Coming to a famous Village with a small population whilst exploring the outdoors is deemed low risk. Portcaman House ensures it is indeed just that.



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